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About Us

Clarksville Station | Opened in 1975

Today the local railroad station is vanishing from the rural American scene almost as fast as the vanishing passenger train; but the Depot had its day. In the late nineteen century and the early twentieth century, the Depot was a source of community pride, local news and the promise of adventure. Yes, the sights and sounds of the "Expresses", the "Limiteds", the "Specials", and the "Flyers" was exciting, indeed.

Clarksville Station traces her history from this glorious era. Built at the turn of the century by the now defunct Atlantic and Danville railroad, this classic Victorian Depot served both south central Virginia and north central North Carolina as a main passenger and freight station until her closing on June 29, 1973. Dismantled and moved approximately forty-five miles from her original location, Clarksville Station has been reconstructed to preserve a unique symbol of America's past.

We hope you enjoy your stay with us at Clarksville Station and remember-The road to a friend's house is never long.

Vintage black and white photo of Clarksville Station
Old phtoo on the wall at Clarksville Station of a vintage train on a track.

Clarksville Station's Haunted Past

Ghost sightings at Clarksville Station are a regular occurance. Our two vintage trains have been repurposed to be dining cars. Both train cars were used during the Civil War. One was a hospital car and the other a morgue. It is no secret that some souls may have found themselves attached to this very location.